Racing Line - Apex

Why Do You Need To Know The Racing Lines For Hitting The Apex?

The racing lines of the track are the ones that take you past the apex of each corner. If you are not hitting the apex of each corner, you need to try to get closer. Read below to see what can be done so that you have an idea of how to make your track times faster. You must have an understanding of how racing works when you see everyone on the course trying to hit the same line.

1. What Is The Apex?

The peak of the corner that juts out farther than any other part is what you should drive over, driving over this point makes the course much shorter. You are trimming several feet off your drive every time you drive over this point, and you must look at the course to see where that line is in each corner. They are all different because the angle of every corner is different.

2. How Do You Hit The Corner?

You must turn as late as you possibly can so that you can get over the corner and hit the gas. You have to turn late because you are also braking late. A part of this is bravery, and part of this is skill.

3. Braking Late

You must brake as late as you possibly can so that you can get the car over the right part of the corner. If you are not braking late, you are swinging out wide, and it is too hard to hit the corner well. Someone who brakes late is right on top of the corner when they make the turn.

4. Hitting The Gas Early

You must hit the gas early when turning a corner, and you must be prepared to hit the gas while your foot is still on the gas. A lot of people do not do that because they are afraid they will spin out of the corner. You will not spin out as long as you are feathering the throttle.

5. Conclusion

Driving is a lot of fun, but it must be done with a certain amount of wisdom. Someone who is trying to have a good time driving cannot get the results if they do not use bravery and wisdom to turn each counter. It is easy to shorten a course, drive faster, and make the course much more exciting for your passengers using these techniques.

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