The Fast and the Furious

Top moments that defined the Movie "the fast and the furious"

If you are into action films with a twist of romance and that unpredictable twist then you must have watched The Fast and the Furious movie. This blockbuster first premier was in 2001 when Vin Diesel who is the main actor takes the role of a villain (Don) who is into street racing and doubles into crime with his girlfriend and friends. Paul Walker who takes the role of a police officer (Brian) goes undercover and tries to expose the gang but as fate would have it he gets in too deep and gets a love interest for Don’s sister and ends up saving him from getting arrested by the FBI. The Fast and the Furious movie has turned into a franchise that has had sequels released with the most recent being 7 released in 2017, its cast has featured celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Jason Statham, Sung Kang, Ja Rule just to name a few.

Best Moments in the Movie

1. Brian Vs Don Race. In the movie Don is a powerful figure in the street races who has mad driving skills and commands respect from his peers, Brian, on the other hand, has to prove himself to the group and is seeking to be accepted by Don’s crew takes on to challenge him in a street race which he obviously looses. In this part, they get to showcase the high-tech mechanical features of the cars such as nitrous known as the special gas and the super fast button to make the vehicles reach maximum speed.

2. Brian and Mia first date. Brian came in as undercover to take down the street racers, he ends up falling for Mia and he keeps going to the gang’s shop and orders tuna sandwich and keeps staring at Mia. This pisses off Vince who is Mia’s suitor and Don who tells him to stay away from her, so to see them go on a date is quite a highlight.

3. When Don Jumps to save Letty. In The Fast and Furious 6 there is a point where Letty who is Don’s girlfriend finds herself on top of a speeding tank then at some point she lost her footing and was about to be thrown off, Don got off the car he lunged into the air and caught Letty mid- air then tackled her back into the bridge where a car broke their fall.

4. Farewell to Brian. With Brian having a son with Mia they decide he should become a family guy and quit racing. At this scene, they drive together for the last time before parting ways.

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