What is Hip-Hop's favorite car?

The rap and hip hop game has a big fixation with cars, and anyone who wants to play the game should know what their favorite cars. It is very easy for someone to pick out a nice car if they have the money, but the favorite car in the rap and hip hop game is the Maybach.

1. What Is The Maybach?

The Mercedes-Maybach is a reincarnation of the 600 Grosser Mercedes that is famous because it was driven and owned by some of the most famous people in history. Elvis Presley had a 600 Grosser Mercedes as well as Elton John, Pol Pot, Hirohito, and ambassadors around the world. Coco Chanel owned a 600 Grosser Mercedes that is now in the possession of Jay Kay from Jamiroquai fame.

2. The Maybach Is Huge

The Maybach is huge, and it is so big that you can get up to six people seated inside. You have a lot of room if you want to ride it as an executive car, and it is one of the models for the Geneva taxi. You see this car in rap videos because it is big and impressive. Anyone who wants to be seen and noticed picks one of these cars because it is so massive that no one will ever miss you as you drive down the road.

3. The Mercedes Brand Has Value

The Maybach is reliable in every way because it is made by Mercedes. The Mercedes brand has a lot of value, and a lot of people in the industry look up to Mercedes more than anything else because it is a symbol of wealth and prestige that they want to show off. You can get at least 250,000 miles out of these cars.

The Maybach is the favorite car of the artists you see in videos showing off their lifestyle, and it is not likely to change.

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